Harmonic Trading & Turning Patterns Into Consistent Profits

Exactly what does it mean to be a harmonic trader?

Better Trades coach Robert Roy is sometimes asked that question by students who are discovering how to invest in the stock market. The experienced stock market educator describes himself in that way to any individual who wants to find out how to trade the stock market.

Harmonic Trading is an approach that makes use of the acknowledgment of particular cost patterns and the positioning of precise Fibonacci ratios to determine highly probable turnaround points in the financial markets.

This method assumes that trading patterns or cycles, like lots of patterns and cycles in life, repeat themselves. The secret is to identify these patterns, and to get in or to leave a position based upon a high degree of probability that the very same historic price action will take place.

While these patterns are not One Hundred Percent precise, there is information that reveals it is possible to minimize threat when the setups are recognized correctly.

Harmonic Trading

Fibonacci is a series of numbers defined by the linear reoccurrence equation. You may have heard it described as a “golden mean” or “divine proportion.”

The Fibonacci sequence was established by Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who dealt with these ratios around 450 BC.

You can see proof of the Fibonacci formula throughout your life, even if you weren’t knowledgeable about it. It can be discovered in the pattern of a pine cone, the shape of a bunny rabbit, a head of cauliflower or perhaps a sea shell.

The Fibonacci ratio numbers may be practical to you when it pertains to trading the stock market. The range produced by Fibonacci analysis is utilized by traders all over the world to obtain a much better concept of support and resistance levels, in addition to when to go into or leave a trade.

Once you learn the essentials of Fibonacci analysis, you can use it to help examine trades. You can pair Fibonacci analysis with other indicators, moving averages and Bollinger Bands to focus on your target and establish a range of possibilities. Click here to learn how to use Harmonic Trading to turn patterns into MASSIVE Profits!